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RTK11 + RTK12 two games at the price of $19 dollars only

$19 (SGD)

Offer price of $24 $19 only for RTK11 + RTK12 games

PC version – Used
English for RTK11 购买三國志11英语版
Chinese for RTK12 购买三國志12中文版

Game Sale Promotion for sale $24 $19 only with delivery charges/fees included. Fully functional/playable with proper patches included. Please leave a comment or email me

Installer works for Vista and Windows 7 – I had played with the installs and all are working perfectly with the English/Chinese patches. Please run with Windows compatibility mode for newer versions of Windows (E.g. Windows 8 & above)

Payment will be via paypal (International or Singapore) or via bank transfer (POSB – Singapore only), no returns accepted once sold, communication will be via email. Shipping details will be from SingPost (Postage fees varies for different countries, please enquire via email). Please email me before your purchase to avoid any miscommunications here “Contact Us Form”






The Warring States of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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