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54 Responses to “Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11 & 12 Game Sale”

  1. Waiting to try on this RTK12 game.

  2. RTK Admin

    Hi Peter,

    To answer your question, the RTK12 game comes with Chinese patch only, for english patches, I can post here, do check back, there are also many English patches in the net

  3. RTK Admin

    You can also join/register to join here http://romanceofthethreekingdomsgame.com/register-2/ to discuss more about RTK 12 games

  4. Please contact me, I would like to purchase RTK12 and 11 in chinese

  5. RTK Admin

    Ok I will email the romance of the three kingdoms game details to your email, please check

  6. Please contact me, I would like to purchase RTK11 and 12 in Chinese. Thanks

  7. Please contact me, I would like to purchase RTK12 and 11 in chinese. Thanks,

  8. hi i am interested to buy rtk 12 chinese version

  9. do you have Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 ?

  10. How can i purchase the latest version of rotk?
    Can contact me via email?

  11. hi am interested in rtk 12 chinese version. kindly email me details. thx!

  12. i am interested in rtk 11 english win 7 version. How much. Can i pick up the game myself.

    • RTK Admin

      Hi Kok Keng,

      Emailed to you the rtk11 pc game details and purchase details, any other questions can email to me anytime

  13. Hi, I would like to buy RTK XI and XII in English for Mac, is it available?

  14. Hi, would like to get ROTK 11 and 12 english version. how to self collect? thanks

  15. RTK Admin

    Hi Sean,

    I had sent to you the email regarding the purchase details for RTK11 & RTK12

  16. Hi,

    Please let me know how to purchase/download ROTTK12 Chinese edition. Thanks!

  17. RTK Admin
    RTK Admin on May 26, 2015 @ 8:16 pm

    Hi ROTK2002

    Ok i will email to you the game purchase details :)

  18. Hi I would like to purchase ROK 11/12.

    I would like to find out the following details

    1) Enhanced Version
    2) Simplified Chinese
    3) New/ Used
    4) Cost
    5) Delivery Method
    6) Payment Method

  19. Hi Im interested to get the RTK 12 in English version.

    Do get back to me.

  20. The Chinese is simplified or traditional?

  21. RTK Admin

    Hi Des it should be in traditional chinese

  22. Hi, i would like to purchase ROTK 12 in English.

  23. Hi RTK admin, i have purchased the game rotk 11 yesterday. When will it be delivered? Can help to expedite? It will be sent to my mailbox? Because i am working and not at home. Thanks.

  24. RTK Admin

    Hi Guorong,

    Thnks for your purchase, i had send an email to you regarding RTK11 game

  25. Hi Admin, I installed the game but after installing, keep getting the error message “Please insert the correct DVD-ROM, select OK and restart application”

    Is there something wrong with the game? My PC is Windows 8.1 and have already checked the compatibility option.

    Please assist urgently. Thanks.

  26. Hello, how long will it take to deliver to the US should I buy it in the next few days? And also, is RTK 12 only in Chinese?

  27. Hi I would like to purchase the rtk 11 and 12. Please advise me thanks.

  28. Hi rtk admin, I would like to order the rtk 11 and 12 games. Can advise me how to order. Thanks.

  29. Hi admin, do u have the patch for playing rtk12 in English? Can email me thanks?

    Woon hui

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