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张碧晨 – 爱你的宿命 My Destiny Song 歌 (The Voice of China 2014 – 中国好声音第三季) – Three Kingdoms Songs

| Articles of Ancient China | September 29, 2014

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张碧晨 后会无期 – Goodbye Song – (The Voice of China 2014 competition – 中国好声音第三季)

后会无期 by GEM

张碧晨 – 爱你的宿命 My Destiny Song 歌 (The Voice of China 2014 – 中国好声音第三季)

The Korean TV Series – You who came from the Stars – The song which Zhang BiChen sang
My Destiny – Orginal OST

Goodbye – Original OST

Every Moment Of You = Original OST

Back In Time MV (The Moon That Embraces The Sun OST)

中國好聲音 The Voice of China 2014 第二季 第三期 完整版 男生女音讓汪峰10秒轉身 HD


K-POP Now!: The Korean Music Revolution

KPOP Bangtan Boys Jacket Kpop BTS unisex goods New Rap Monster Coat (Rap Monster, M)

Zhang BiChen Statistics/Bio 张碧晨 统计资料
– 1989 Born in a worker’s family in Tianjin (1989年09月10日)
– 2009 Went to South Korea to study
– 2010 In South Korea she joined the company Haeun Entertainment as a trainee
– 2012 Joined South Korean female group Sunny Days and featured in the South Korea debut
– 2013 Went back to China to attend the Academy of Korean culture in China, Korea Tourism Organization, PPTV network television co-sponsored “K-POP World Celebration 2012″ contest and get the China Division title, on behalf of China to South Korea to participate in the competition and won the “Most Excellence Award”
– 2014 She participated in the Zhejiang TV, ” China good voice” and get at least Na Ying four strong, nation wide 16, group Na Ying September 26, 2014 Zhang BiChen PK/Vs Chen Bing in Na Ying’s group and won the Champion, the national Top 4 match-ups

1989年 出生天津市一个工人家庭
2009年 奔赴韩国留学
2010年 加入韩国Haeun Entertainment公司当练习生
2012年 加入韩国女团Sunny Days并在韩国出道
2013年 回国参加由驻华韩国文化院、韩国旅游发展局、PPTV网络电视共同主办的“K-POP世界庆典2012”大赛并获得中国赛区冠军,代表中国前往韩国参加比赛并获得“最优秀奖”
2014年 参加浙江卫视《中国好声音》并至少获得那英4強,全国16强,2014年9月26日在那英组4进1中PK掉热门选手陈冰夺得那英组冠军、全国4强巅峰对决,夺那英组冠军后得到好友EXO张艺兴隔空送祝福



張碧晨 Selection Phase

Click to listen – She Say by Zhang BiCheng

China: How the Empire Fell (Asia’s Transformations)

張碧晨 Battle/Vs/PK 魏雪漫

Final between the 4 groups 中國好聲音 – 第三季總決賽 – 巔峰對決 – 張碧晨 Winner

張碧晨 in Kpop Group

張碧晨 in Sunny Days – A Man Like You 심플리케이팝, 써니데이즈, 너 같은 여자 만나봐

Very competitive in the Kpop arena! Look at all the talents below.

張碧晨 in Kpop World Festival 2013 – Zhang BiChen

張碧晨 Rooftop Prince song “Hurt”











More pictures of Zhang BiChen 张碧晨











Korean SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment showbiz trainers group. Hardwork, practice, details, and more to create a top Korean idol group or star! Feel the Korean WAVE!

The good of Kpop

French students going to Korea University to take film major because of Kpop wave

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Korean Wave Transformation!

The Kpop Systems (See the video below – a Kpop trainee’s life)
1) Audition
2) Training – Depends on the trainees’ capabilities, approx 4 hours sleep, no guarantee of a debut, some Kpop singers were trained for approx 6 years before having a debut. They have to keep a weekly or monthly score which shows improvements and pass the minimum score, otherwise that is the end of their Kpop trainee’s life.
3) No guarantee of a debut even after completing training

EXO-K Kpop group told media how long did they trained as S.M. Entertainment Trainees

Kpop Boot Camp – SMTown (SM Entertainment)

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Image of Korean

The other side (bad side) of Kpop – Super Junior Han Geng’s behind the story in Korea (Nothing in this world is good only, if there is good then there will always be a bad side of it. Be aware of it, is important. So that if you are interested to join as a Kpop trainee. At least you are aware of it. Be Safe, Keep Safe.)


Other The Voice of China 2014 中国好声音第三季 Singers

汪峰組代表 – 帕爾哈提

帕尔哈提 & 王卓 – 故乡

中國好聲音 – 第三季 – 徐劍秋

耿斯漢 – 美麗世界的孤兒

中國好聲音 – 第三季 – 劉明湘

中國好聲音 – 第三季 – 陳樂基(Rocky)

中国好声音第二季 朱克 – 离不开你

中國好聲音第二季 阚立文 – 那些年

中国好声音第二季 阚立文 – 我愿意

中国好声音第二季 – 阚立文VS朱克 – 我是真的爱你

中國好聲音第二季 李琦 – 趁早

中國好聲音第二季 李琦 Winner


Click below to see more of Zhang Bichen 张碧晨 Photos

Click here to see more of Zhang BiChen Photos 点击这里看更多张碧晨图片

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