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The First Myth 封神英雄榜第 – Three Kingdoms Drama Series related

| Articles of Ancient China | August 21, 2014

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Six Strategies of Jiang ZiYa (Jiang TaiGong)

The Civil Strategy
In order for any military base to success. There must be a strong financial backing/funding foundation. This strategy focus on building a strong economy, effective government, high moral, take care of the population, benevolence, logistics, and more.

The Military Strategy
To build and develop virtue and righteousness, embrace government policies, gaining the hearts and minds of the people, winning through diplomacy and wits instead of fighting

The Dragon Strategy
Military organization, correct rewards and punishment system, communication with secrecy for military tactics, enemy positions knowledge, centralized government to provide command and control

The Tiger Strategy
Battlefield tactics, ambushes, battle deployments, control of different types of forces, knowledge of nature and human behaviours

The Leopard Strategy
Tactical expertise in difficult terrains like forest, mountains, rivers, valleys, etc. Superior forces confrontation tactics, knowledge of self and enemies

The Dog Strategy
Focus on selection/deployment of elite forces, generals, soldiers. Three forces (chariots, infantry, and cavalry) control and usage. Study of the moral, needs and dislike of soldiers at war and more.

姜太公﹐又稱子牙’s descendants – Three Kingdoms related








Jiang ZiYa 姜子牙’s difficult career. Jiang ZiYa’s career path was not a easy one. He waited until he was approx 80 years old then he was noticed by the duke, whom requested him to help him fight in a war. Before that Jiang ZiYa was broke and he was selling on the streets.

The First Myth TV drama series – Jiang ZiYa 姜子牙 TV drama

Talk about Jiang ZiYa 姜子牙

Three Kingdoms related – Jiang Ziya 姜子牙 Animation

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