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Self Defense in the Street with Martial Arts – Three Kingdoms Martial Arts related

| Articles of Ancient China | July 26, 2014

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三国武术相关 – 中街与武术自卫

You must be prepared to defense yourself 在街自卫与武术 when walking in the street or if you are overseas in a foreign country. When someone attack you from no where. You will need to know how to defense your family and yourself first then escape from your attacker. Very important survival skills.

In the ancient China like the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era. This was not just use for defense but for attacking and killing their enemies as well.

Below are very good defence martial arts techniques to block off people trying to punch you in the face. Use your elbows to block your opponent’s punches. Your elbow will be stronger then your opponent’s fist. Block first and open up your attacker’s defence and then punch back with your elbow, punch or a knee. These will buy you time to escape with your family. Do only the necessary to hurt or bring down your opponent so that you all can escape.




Following are videos of using Wing Chun martial arts to protect yourself
Block attacker punches with your elbows first then attack back

Block attacker punches to your side and then take central position and attack back. Always block and stop attacker’s punches first then attack back

Martial Arts techniques/moves – Sanda Kung Fu

Martial Arts techniques/moves – Muay Thai

Muay Thai fighters focus on their core strength which is the kick. Their moves are straight forward. Kick, knee, elbow, punch. Alot of their training are aimed at hardening and developing a powerful kick and not so much on fight techniques. This is especially so in competition. Sometimes, one power kick from a Muay Thai figther can KO their opponent!

Strength training by a top Muay Thai figther – Kicking and breaking a banana tree. Just think what will happen to your legs if you were in the Muay Thai ring fighting him?

No Holds Bar ALL OUT Aggressive Muay Thai fight in Thailand!

World Championship MMA Belt Fight

Muay Thai King Fighter vs Sanshou Champion Super Fight – Must See!!

Taekwondo vs Muay Thai. In this case, the Taekwondo figter uses his legs more than his fists/punches. And weakens his opponent by kicking him in his legs and abdomen/stomach. Most of the time Taekwondo uses turning kicks and fists to hit their opponents.

Monk with iron internal martial arts 硬功夫 from China beats ALL his opponents like Muay Thai, MMA, etc

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