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KOEI RTK11 – Romance of the Three Kingdoms Version11 – A Must Play Edition!

| Articles of Ancient China | June 15, 2014

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RTK11 PC DVD Game, This is the edition which you MUST play if you have not!








RTK11 PUK Videos!

Fight Lu Bu interactively only in RTK11, in RTK12 you cant, in RTK12 you can only let the PC fight for you.

Play RTK11 – Many more features in RTK11

Create New RTK11 Officers

RTK11 Game Guide

Table of Contents
1.Introduction (Important for newcomers of ROTK!!!)
2.Getting Started
-New Game
-Create Officer
3. Starting a New Game
-Preset Scenarios
-Challenge Scenarios
-Dispatching Free Officers
-Selecting a Force
-Game Options
4. Tutorials
5. Creating an Officer
-Creating an Officer
-Officer Bonds
6. City Commands/Strategy Phase
-Helpful Strategies/Hints
7. Battles/Battle Phase
-Preparing for Battle
-Unit Strategies
-Helpful Strategies/Hints
8. Skills
-List of Skills
-Unlocking Skills
-Combination of Skills in Battle
9. Duel Strategies
10. Debate Strategies
11. Shrines/Relics
12. The Emperor
13. Events
14. Unlockables
15. Recommended Scenarios/Rulers for Beginners
16. Recommended Scenarios/Rulers for Extreme Difficulty
15. Frequentley Asked Questions
16. Thanks/Credits


V 1.0- Made the FAQ! After some consideration, I decided not to do Duels and
Debates, because there is already a tutorial clearly explaining them.

V 1.1 (8/7/07)- Added Duels and Debates (Full Guide/Strategies). Also added
“Recommended Scenarios/Rulers for Beginners” and “Recommended Scenarios/Rulers
for Extreme Difficulty.” Completed the Marriage Events!

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI (ROTK XI) is a turn-based strategy game based
on the famous Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” by Luo Guanzhong.
The novel was based on a time period in China called the “Three Kingdoms” which
waged from 220-280 AD , though the struggles started earlier than that. The Han
period was collapsing from the inside and out, with periods of chaos and
rebellions. In 184 AD, a religious zealot named Zhang Jue (Zhang Jiao-by Koei)
rose up and caused a huge peasant rebellion known at the “Yellow Turban
Rebellion”. While the rebellion was lost at the death of it’s leader a year
later, it paved the way toward the Three Kingdoms period. The Three Kingdoms
were Shu, Wu, and Wei(eventually becoming Jin), whom fought for control of the
land for many years, until finally in 280 Jin(formally Wei) conquered the Wu
kingdom and brought a long struggle to an end.

How does ROTK work?

In ROTK, you never truly “Beat the Game” you can say you beat the game when you
conquer the land or unlock everything. But this is just a strategy game, that
is just fun to play over and over.

In this installment of ROTK you are ruler trying to conquer all of China. The
most basic aspect of all ROTK is the stats. Lead (Lea), War (War), Intelligence
(Int), Politics (Pol), and Charisma (Cha). The stats range from 1-100 (In other
installments of ROTK, the stats could go up to 110 if you acquired items), with
100 being the best possible, and 1 being the worst possible.

Lead- The most important thing about lead is that you’re more efficient in
battle. Lead also has a couple other aspects in the game other than battle. All
which will be explained later.

War- This is how strong and good in duels your character is. You mainly need
this stat for duels, though it does help with other things.

Int- This is how smart your character is. This is helpful to prevent/execute
strategies on the field, and in other such strategies.

Pol- This is how efficient your character is in politics. Politicial officers
are helpful in building up your cities and diplomacy.

Cha- This is how charismatic your character is. Having good charima helps in
drafting troops and in the employment of officers.

2.Getting Started
I’ll go over the different options real quick, about the Main Menu.


Load up a saved game that you’ve played. You can save up to 6 new files. They
take up a lot memory, though.

~New Game~

Start a new game.


Begin the tutorial, to help you learn more about the game.

~Create Officers~

Create your own custom character, including stats, relationships, skills, and


Change the options for the game.

3.Starting a New Game

Start a new game by choosing “New Game” on the main menu. You will then be
brought to a scenario selection screen.


-Yellow Turbans-
Year: 184
Warlords: He Jin, Zhang Jiao, Sun Jian, Liu Yan, Dong Zhuo, Gongsun Zan, Ding
Yuan, Ma Teng

-Dong Zhuo’s Rise-
Year: 190
Warlords: Yuan Shao, Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Liu Biao, Sun Jian, Liu Yan,
Yuan Shu, Liu Dai, Gongsun Zan, Liu Yu, Gongsun Du, Tao Qian, Kong Zhou, Zhang
Lu, Zhang Yang, Ma Teng, Kong Rong, Han Fu

-Rival Warlords-
Year: 194
Warlords: Lu Bu, Sun Ce, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Liu Yao, Yan Baihu, Wang Lang, Liu
Zhang, Zhang Lu, Li Jue, Ma Teng, Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu, Tao Qian, Liu Biao,
Zhang Yang, Gongsun Zan, Gongsun Du

-Clash at Guan Du-
Year: 200
Warlords: Cao Cao, Yuan Shao, Liu Bei, Sun Ce, Liu Biao, Liu Zhang, Ma Teng,
Zhang Xiu, Gongsun Du, Zhang Lu

-The Three Visits-
Year: 207
Warlords: Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Cao Cao, Liu Biao, Han Xuan, Zhao Fan, Liu Du, Jin
Xuan, Ma Teng, Gongsun Kang, Liu Zhang, Zhang Lu

-Liu Bei in Shu-
Year: 211
Warlords: Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Cao Cao, Ma Chao, Liu Zhang, Zhang Lu, Gongsun

-Nanman Rebellion-
Year: 225
Warlords: Liu Chan, Cao Pi, Sun Quan, Meng Huo, Gongsun Gong

-Rise of Heroes- BONUS!
Year: 251
Warlords: Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Yuan Shao, Gongsun Zan, Tao Qian, Liu
Dai, Yuan Shu, Kong Zhou, Guan Qiujian, Liu Yao, Liu Biao, Wang Lang, Yan
Baihu, Han Xuan, Zhao Fan, Liu Du, Jin Xuan, Meng Huo, Yong Kai, Deng Ai, Zhong
Hui, Zhang Lu, Ma Teng, Dong Zhuo, Han Sui, He Jin, Sima Yi, Zhang Xiu, Han Fu,
Ding Yuan, Zhang Jiao, Kong Rong, Liu Yan

-Lu Bu Campaign- BONUS!
Year: 198
Warlords: Lu Bu, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Yuan Shu, Sun Ce, Liu Biao, Yuan Shao,
Gongsun Zan, Gongsun Du, Zhang Yang, Liu Zhang, Ma Teng, Zhang Lu, Zhang Xiu

-Power Struggle- BONUS!
Year: 217
Warlords: Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Meng Huo, Gongsun Gong

~Preset Scenarios~

These are just some scenarios which they choose a force for you during a
certain scenario. They each have their own level of difficulty. Most would
agree, that these are pretty pointless so I won’t waste my time listing them
for you.

~Challenge Scenarios~

These are battles that are already preset for you, with certain conditions
needing to be met. I won’t take the point out of the FAQ already done for the
challenge scenarios. So if you need help with them, just go see the FAQ done by
2006VWGTI, it’s very helpful.

~Dispatching Free Officers~

Once you’ve selected a scenario, you’ll be taken to the ‘dispatch officer’
screen. Where you’ll be able to choose if you want to use created officers,
where to place them, or creating a new force. All created officers start out as
not-dispatched. Once you’ve selected an officer to be dispatched, it means that
they are available as an officer. Once you’ve chosen the officers that you
desire, you can dispatch them to a specific area or a force. If you want them
to be a free officer in a city controlled by a force, select “No” when they ask
if you want that officer to be affiliated with that force. If you want to
create your own force, just select “create ne wforce” you then select a main
city. You then can also select other cities you can control,your color, your
rank and then assign officers to your force. If you do not want to assign
officers, then just go to “Select Force” and do not dispatch any officers.

~Selecting a Force~

Once you’ve dealt with dispatching your officers, you may select up to 8 forces
to control. This can make for good multi-player (though it would take a long
time for 4+ forces) unfortunetley, the downside to multi-player is the fact
that in this installment, you can only use the first controller to control the
forces. This makes duels…complicated. Once you’re done selecting your forces,
just press cirlce and you’ll be given game options to choose from.

~Game Options~

Level: Beginner/Advanced

In begginer, the forces start out with less troops and supplies. You get more
gold per turn and the AI isn’t very compitent.

In advanced, the forces start out with more troops, supplies and seige weapons.
You receive less gold per turn, and the AI is improved.

Battle Deaths: None/Normal/High

In battle, your officers can die from unit tactics or duels. The levels of
battle deaths are pretty self-explanatory.

Ability Change: Enabled/Disabled

All officers at a young age, don’t have their potential stats maxed out and
need to progress into their max potential. When they become older, their stats
will start to degenerate. You can dissable this so the officers keep their max
stats throughout the game.

Face Change: Enabled/Disabled

Some officers faces change depending on their age or a certain event. You can
turn this off, so that they keep their current portrait throughout the entire

Sorcery/Lightning: Enabled/Disabled

Few officers are able to use sorcery and lightning. You can choose if you’ll
allow it or not.

Female Officers: Historical/Events

When the Female Officers are set to historical that means officers like Diao
Chan and Mistress Zhen will appear as officers you can give orders to. Events
will only allow Zhu Rong and your created female officers to appear (Though
both Zhu and your created officers appear either way.)

Events: Show All/General Only/None

Show all events, allows all types of events to be shown. General is for events
such as marriages, and historical events do not take place. None will only
allow events that effect diplomacy to be shown (Such as receiving a rank).

Lifespan: Historical/Longevity/Fictional

The deaths of officers will be true to the novel, though they can go on past
their years. I’ve noticed this especially in officers that have died young (Sun
Ce, Zhou Yu, etc.) Longevity will increase all the officers lifespans.
Fictional will make every officer live for 99 years.

Kin: Historical/Fictional

Historical will keep the kin relations true to the novel. Fictional will not
follow history.

Relationships: Historical/Fictional

All bonds/oaths will follow history if you chose historical. Fictional will not
follow history.

Close Friend: Historical/Fictional

Historical will have all officers close friends be true to the history.
Fictional will not follow history.

Character: Historical/Fictional

If historical is chosen, all officers characteristics will be true to history.
Fictional will randomize all the characteristics of the officers.

Debuts: Historical/Fictional

Historical will have all Free Officers appear in the cities according to
history. Fictional will have them appear in random cities.

Duel: Watch/Choose/Don’t Watch

This is self-explanatory.

Debate: Watch/Choose/Don’t Watch

This is self-explanatory.

Message Speed: Pause/Normal/Fast

While this is self-explanatory, I would recommend using “Pause” when you are
first playing this game, in case you miss something important.

Cursor Speed: Slow/Normal/Fast

The cursor is the object you use to select things in the game. I always have
mine on “Fast” I honestly don’t know why anyone would want anything other than

Scroll Speed: Slow/Normal/Fast

When holding the square button during gameplay you can scroll across the map
with ease and quickness. If you are a new person to ROTK and don’t know the
cities/locations very well I would use “Slow” or “Normal”.

Log: Detailed/Simple

The “Log” are the little messages you get on the bottom of your screen during
gameplay that informs you of things that happen around the land. Such as: “Liu
Bei’s force has occupied Cao Cao’s Ru Nan”. Choosing “detailed” means that you
see other forces logs, if you choose simple, then you only see your own.

(I’m not going over Settings, because they are self-explanatory)


The first thing you should do in the entire game is do the tutorials, whether
you’re an ROTK veteran or not. They really help you get a grasp for the game.
Plus, you’ll unlock secret officers if you clear the tutorials.

~Country Basics~

Here, you take control of Liu Bei, whom just occupied Xiao Pei from Tao Qian.
Unfortunetley, Xiao Pei is a poor city and must be built up. But apparently,
Liu Bei’s a complete moron, and now Guan Yu must teach you the ways of

Step 1- First you must build a market to help increase your future funds! So,
as Guan Yu commands, select the city-proceed to “City” then to “Develop”.
Choose a market, then place it on one of the five available squares. End your
turn using the circle button.

Step2- Yay! The market is finished. Now Guan Yu explains about other things
about the city, which you should pay attention to (though, this is covered
later). Now for the main goal! Bring Xiao Pei’s revenue to a 1,000 gold or more
and it’s harvest to 16,000 or more! You have 120 days (12 Turns) to do this!
All you have to do is make sure that the Mint and Granary are surrounded by
markets/farms and you’ll…defeat?…this tutorial. Watch out for your order!
Otherwise you’ll find yourself just short of the goal.

~Military Basics~

Uh-oh, Zhang Fei has stolen a bunch of horses from Lu Bu! Now what? Liu Bei’s
an idiot apparantley…what’s he gonna do? Ask Cao Cao!

Step1- Now, you’ll need to build up an army to defeat Lu Bu. Now Cao Cao wants
you to draft troops, so select the city, proceed to “City” and select

Step2- Alright, now you have a bunch of soldiers! Liu Bei wants to fight! No!
Cao Cao won’t allow that without drilling the troops first! So select the city,
go to “Military” then select “Drill” and drill the troops!

Step3- Yes! Alright, the troops are drilled! Let’s fight Lu Bu! Nope! Now the
order is low! And you need to develop armaments to help fight Lu Bu! So select
the city, proceed to “City” and select “Outfit” and produce some horses!
(Wait…I thought Zhang Fei had already stolen some, why do we need more?) Then
do the same thing, only produce a Ram this time!

Step4- Alright, now that that’s done! Let’s fight Lu Bu! Of course not! You
must complete the final task, you must have troops numbering in at least 10,000
with a will of at least 90, have 10,000 crossbows and 1 ram, all within a half
of a year! Luckily, they were nice enough to give you the proper facilities to
do all this, so just do it in any way you want, and you should have it done by
the deadline.

~Going to Battle~

Alright, we’re all done! Oh-no! Lu Bu is coming to attack Xu Chang! Liu Bei’s
not gonna fight him…. But according to Cao Cao, he is now! And Cao Cao is
leaving him with Xiahou Dun to help repel Lu Bu.

Step1- Alright, let’s start making Liu Bei the master of battle! You must make
a unit march out of the city. Select the city, go to “Military” and then to
“March”. Now make up a unit, you can be lazy and just use “Auto” if you wish.
So now march out the unit and use the “Wait” command.

Step2- Time for your first action! Select Liu Bei’s unit and move him on one of
the arrows next to Xiahou Dun’s unit. Now go to tactics and use “Thrust” on
Xiahou Dun’s unit. After that, do the same thing, but thrust Xiahou Dun into
the embers behind him.

Step3- Lu Bu’s Zhang Liao and Gao Shun have appeared! Now you must defeat them!
Guan Yu and Zhang Fei must go in separate units and Zhang Fei must use spears
or pikes. There is no time limit. I put Guan Yu and Chen Deng together using
Spears. Make Guan Yu’s unit focus on Zhang Liao. Send his unit out and use
“Rush” to confuse Zhang Liao’s unit. Then send Zhang Fei and Chen Gui out with
Pikes. Make Zhang Fei’s unit focus on Gao Shun’s unit. But for this turn attack
Zhang Liao’s unit with a normal attack. End the turn. Make sure to get Gao Shun
out of the way with Zhang Fei’s “Rake”. You should be able to finish Zhang Liao
with another “Rush”. Then just focus on Gao Shun after that, and you’ll win!

~Traps & Facilities~

Alright, you’ve successfully repeled Lu Bu’s units! And now…you’re in Xin Ye?
What happened? Oh well…Xu Shu is here to help you become better!

Step1- Cao Cao is coming to destroy Liu Bei’s little army! You’re forces are
not big enough to repel the enemy, so you’ll have to rely on some traps! Move
your unit on any of the squares then select “build” and build an archer
turrent! But the turrent is fully built yet! So bring Xu Shu’s unit over and
finish repair the turrent!

Step2- Cao Cao is marching from Wan with 10,000 men, which doubles your amount!
You must build traps to help defeat his men! Build whatever you think that you
need. I would not use embers or fireballs. I would go for archer turrents,
maybe a camp or one of the two bands. Make sure they are close enough to each
other and to the city to compliment each other for the battle. Luckily it’s
only Lu Xiang, so the battle will be easy with or without the traps helping
you. Just have Zhao Yun use Rush to confuse him. Then gang up on him.


So, you successfully defended Xin Ye! Now what? Liu Bei has Jing now and Zhuge
Liang must teach him about techniques to help make the army grow stronger!

Step1- Zhuge Liang wants to help the army, so select the city, go to “City”
then to “Technique”. Now select “Veteran Troops”. Then end your turn.

Step2- Yes! You’ve acquired “Veteran Troops”! But now for the real test! You
must get 500 or more technique points within a year (36 turns). Use anything to
help you get technique points. Draft, outfit, develop, inpect…anything! It’s
a little time consuming but it’s easy.

~Capturing Cheng Du~

Now that Liu Zhang shall be a pawn in this little tutorial, let’s go defeat his
forces! You have an entire year to capture Cheng Du!

Step1- Start by building a barracks and a smith. Then drill your troops. Then
go to “Personnel” and use summon to summon all your officers from the other
cities. End your turn. Then drill your troops again the next turn. End your
turn. Now that they’ve finished the first barracks, build another one! Outfit a
tower now that the other officers have arrived. Also outfit some pikes! Around
5,000. Draft until you have over 30,000 troops. Now you’re ready to march!

Step2- March with these units: Guan Yu-Zhao Yun-Wei Yan, with Spears, 9,000
troops. Huang Zhong-Jiang Wan-Zhang bao, with a tower, 5,000 troops. Zhang Fei-
Zhuge Liang-Ma Su, with pikes, 5,000 troops.

Guan Yu’s unit will be mainly used for attacking. Huang Zhong’s will be used as
seige. Zhang Fei’s is the confusing/strategy unit, but can also act as a
supporting unit. Use these units to take the gates. Try not using the Tower to
attack enemies, for you want to save the Will for Cheng Du. If you must, stop
in Mian Zhu Gate to recover some Will before the final battle. Enemies will
come out to attack you, just use Guan Yu and Zhang Fei’s unit to attack the
defenders. Make sure to watch out for the turrent between the gates, just avoid
it’s sights and you should be fine. You should only need to destroy the first
turrent after the frist gate, it is easy to avoid the other one.

In the end, with Zhang Fei’s automatic confuse success, Guan Yu’s powerful
unit, and Huang Zhong’s seige, you can easily finish off Cheng Du before you
get the 3 months left warning.

~Duels and Debates~

These are just explanatory tutorials and doesn’t require you to clear any
conditions. I’ll go over Duels and Debates more extensivley later in this FAQ.

5.Creating an Officer

You can create up to 150 officers, with no limitations on stats or skills. You
access the create officer mode by going to the “Create Officer” on the main

Once you decide to create an officer, you can either do everything yourself or
use “Auto” in which the game creates an officer for you.

Once you choose “Manual” It will bring you to the first page. You can choose
from a large amount of portraits, choose a model, the gender, Surname and
Forename of your officer.

“Kin” is where you can select your officers birth year, lifespan (up to 99
years), father, mother and spouse. Game-wise think of the father, mother and
spouse bond as an “advanced” friendship. They will help you in battle, help you
in duels, and are more likely to join you. But they are also less likely to
betray (if ever). Though I noticed on occasions, more cowardly officers like
Sun Hao are more likely to join you than if I caught Sun Quan, this is assuming
they are both on Sun Jian’s force.

In “Ties 1″ you can choose up to two sworn siblings. Sworn siblings is a
Chinese sacred bond, where usually two people man a sworn oath to die on the
very same day. This was more important than your family and friends. So this is
the strongest bond in the game. You can also set a “Close Friend” this is NOT
your best friend. This determines your compatibility rating (which is secret,
but you can find an old one in the ROTK VIII FAQs). So if I chose Liu Bei my
character would get along with Liu Bei and all the officers that are close to
Liu Bei.

In “Ties 2″ you can choose up to 5 liked and disliked officers each. Your liked
officers help you in battle, are more likely to join you, and are more likely
to help you in duels. Disliked officers are almost impossible to recruit, don’t
help you when using “surround”, and won’t help you in duels (in fact, they
won’t even come up as an option at the beginning of the duel).

“Abilities” lets you set your characters stats (which are 99 max default), your
characters aptitude, and skill. Your skills are limited at first, until you
unlock the more godly skills, which is covered later.

“Traits” lets you determine your characters personality and ambitions.

Once you’re all done with that, select confirm and you’re done! You can now use
the officer to be put in a force, make him a free officer or a ruler! Don’t
forget to save when you’re all done!

~Officer Bonds~

This is a small segment, I didn’t want to give it its own segment, so I thought
this would be a good place.

Disliked Officers- More likely to betray you if they are on your force, less
likely (if not impossible) to employ, won’t help during “surround”, won’t help
even if they have the Assisstance skill, and won’t help during duels (they
won’t even be there).

Liked Officers- Less likely to betray you if they are on your force, easier to
employ, will help you attack other units at no cost of a turn during battle,
and they are more likely to help you during duels.
Kin- Even less likely to betray (it’s very hard, but they have to be imprisoned
for a long time and have to be more of a cowardly officer), hard to employ when
another one’s family is out there on another force, will help you attack other
units at no cost of a turn during battle, and they are more likely to help you
during duels.

Oath- Never will betray you, hard to employ when the officers other oath
sibling(s) are imprisoned, will help you attack other units at no cost of a
turn during battle, and they will help you during duels.

As stated before, officer bond levels are secret and are unknown. The last
known levels reported were ROTK VIII levels. Check out the FAQ there for more

6.City Commands/Strategy Phase


During the strategy phase you can work on economics, diplomacy, hire free
officers, give out ranks, and other things to help manage your kingdom.

To select a city just use the “x” button then you can just select the tasks you
wish to do. To side scroll or speed up the text use the square button.

-City Info-

When you put your cursor over a city, it displays some stats about the city.

The very top is the city name. The icon to the right is the cities
“speciality”. Cities can have different specialities including: Large City,
Spears, Pikes, Crossbows, Seige, Horses, and Naval. Large cities have a large
amount of building space and can hold 150,000 troops (compared to the normal
100,000). Spears, Pikes, Crossbows, and Horses production prices is reduced and
if they have the correct facility for producing that type then the city
receives a small amount of that weapon each month. Seige and Naval decrease the
cost of building.
Just below the city name is the ruler and the forces color. To the right of
that is the district number (covered later). The Prefect is the governor of
that city. The Prefect’s lead determines things like seige damage done on the
city and the counter attack. The Prefect is either determined by rank(by lead,
if they do not have any ranks).

Gold is how much gold you have in the city. Gold is used to carry out most of
your tasks and is one of the most essenstial things in the game.

Food is how much food you have in the city. Food is used to keep your troops
fed in the city and in battle. Running out of food results in troops abandoning
your force.

Order is how sound your city is on the inside. If you have low order, you’ll
gain less gold and food and there is a greater chance of bandits or tribes

HP is more commonly known as defense in ROTK. Once your cities HP drops to 0
your city automatically falls. HP cannot be repaired by actions, only time will
restore the HP of a city.

Officers is how many officers are in your city. So 4/5 means you have 5
officers working in the city, but only 4 are available to use at the moment.

Your troop numbers are shown just above your city.

Each month you receive gold and every July you receive your harvest (food).
After each month, the order can slightly drop in your city, make sure it
doesn’t go out of control.

You cannot just make any commands you want per turn, they are limited by AP
(Action Points). Each task requires a certain amount of AP, if you do not have
enough AP you cannot execute that task. So make sure you use your AP on the
most urgent things first. Some things like giving out ranks doesn’t cost AP.
The max AP you can have at one time is 255, so if you find yourself having 255
make sure to use some! The amount of AP you receive depends on your city
numbers, around 5 cities might get you around 130 AP per turn. Spend AP wisely!

I’ll go over each city command individually and explain everything you need to
know about it.



Use develop to create facilites within your city limits. You can use up to
three officers to create a facility. The related stat for developing is Pol.

+Markets- Increases your gold income. Costs 200 gold. 500 HP.
+Farms- Increases your harvest income. Costs 200 gold. 500 HP.
+Barracks- Allows you to draft troops. Can only draft once a turn per barracks.
Costs 300 gold. 800 HP.
+Smith- Allows you to produe spears, pikes, and crossbows. Can only outfit once
a turn per smith. Costs 300 gold. 800 HP.
+Stable- Allows you to breed horses. Can only breed once a turn per stable.
Costs 300 gold. 800 HP.
+Workshop- Allows you to build rams/juggernauts and towers/catapults. Can only
build once a turn per workshop. Costs 300 gold. 800 HP.
+Shipyard- Allows you to build ships/warships. Can only build once a turn per
shipyard. Costs 300 gold. 800 HP.
+Mint- Boardering markets are 1.5x productive. Mints do NOT stack. Costs 400
gold. 1000 HP.
+Granary- Boardering farms are 1.5x productive. Granaries do NOT stack. Costs
400 gold. 1000 HP.
+Pheasant Tower- Helps you gain more TP per turn. Only one can be built per
city. (Acquired through event, see ‘event list’ for more details) Costs 1500
gold. 1300 HP.


Recruit troops, can only draft once per barracks. A max of three officers can
be used. The related stat for recruting is Cha. Costs 300 gold. Decreases order
and will.


Develop equipment or seige weapons. Can only outfit once per certain facility
being needed. A max of three officers can be used. The related stat for
outfitting is Int. Outfitting spears, pikes, crossbows, and horses all costs
700 (560 speciality) gold per outfit. Rams cost 1500, towers 1600 and ships
1800. Those increase by 200 after researching their respected techniques to
increase their efficiancy. Building rams, towers and ships takes more time
(depending on Int and skills). Speciality in the weapons decrease their cost by
300, 380, and 360 respectively.


Increase your cities order, to help improve your cities income, harvest, and
chance against bandits appearing. A max of three officers can inspect and it
costs 100 gold. The related stat is Lea.


This is where you can buy or sell food. Only one officer can deal with the
merchant. When trading, decrease the value to sell food, increase the value to
buy food. Make sure to pay attention to the trade value! The related stat is


Take three officers to research a technique to help improve your army. There
are 8 sets of 4 making a grand total of 32 techniques. The first level
techniques cost 1000 gold and TP, the second level costs 2000 gold and 2000 TP,
the third level costs 5000 gold and 3000 TP and the final technique of the sets
costs 10,000 gold and 5000 TP.

=Gaining TP=

You gain TP from almost any task in the game. Drafting, drilling, inspecting,
outfitting, developing, ploys, employing, battle, conquering etc. Things like
drilling, inspecting and outfitting doesn’t yield much TP, but usually
developing an entire city (medium) will get you around 200-300 TP, plus all the
little things like drafting and inspecting can yield to a quick 400-500 TP. But
the big TP is in conquering and battle. You get 25 TP for conquering a port and
125 TP for conquering a city (occupied or not) and an extra 250 TP for wiping
out a force. In battle, you’ll find yourself gaining TP like crazy. Things
like, making spears knock one enemy into another, and officers attacking for a
free turn (based on bond) yields greats amount of TP. Remember, only tactics
and strategies can yield TP (this includes surround). So while a city can give
you a decent amount of TP, if you need TP in a hurry, fighting is the way to

+Spears (Related APT-Lea)
-Drill Spears: Increase your spears’ power.
-Attack Provision: Spears steal food when they attack
-Surprise: Spears can’t be countattacked in forests
-Elite Spears: Improves your spears’ attack, defense and move.

Overall: Attack provisions isn’t really worth it, but upgrade it to that if you
have a bunch of spear users on your force. Surprise can be kinda nice, but you
need to have forests. Drill Spears and Elite Spears are a good upgrade,
especially if you have a lot of spear users.

+Pikes (Related APT-Lea)
-Drill Pikes: Increase your pikes’ power.
-Withstand Arrows: 30% chance of canceling a regular arrow attack
-Great Shields: 30% chance of canceling a regular attack
-Elite Pikes: Improves your pikes’ attack, defense and move.

Overall: Pikes have great upgrades all around, and makes it a true defensive
unit. Though, if you don’t have a lot of pike users, these upgrades can be
pretty pointless.

+Bows (Related APT-Lea)
-Drill Crossbows: Increase your crossbows’ power
-Counter Fire: Crossbows retaliate if attacked by a regular bow attack
-Powerful Crossbows: Increase crossbows’ range by one square
-Elite Crossbows: Improves your crossbows’ attack, defense and move.

Overall: These are all pretty good upgrades to the bow unit. I don’t find
counter fire very useful, usually you see bow units attacking other units
rather than each other. This is just me though, and I’m not sure if people see
a lot of counter fire or not. Powerful Crossbows is almost a must if you have a
decent amount of bow users. One square makes a huge difference in this game.
And as always, elite crossbows are always nice to have.

-Drill Cavalry: Increase your cavalry’s power.
-Horse Breeding: Increase your cavalry’s move.
-Horsebows: Enables cavalry to use bows.
-Elite Cavalry: Improves your cavalry’s attack, defense and move.

Overall: While horsebreeding and elite cavalry make your horses move extremely
well, the horse upgrades are very useless. The horsebows are nice to have, and
can be very convient, overall the upgrades don’t really help the horses all too
much. But they are still very powerful units, and are great to attack places

-Veteran Troops: Increases troops’ max will by 20
-Adept March: Use shallows/shortcuts, and your units don’t suffer damage
corssing plankways
-Miliatry Reform: Increase your units max size by 3,000
-Yunnan Ladder: Increases your attacks on bases

Overall: The command list can be very resourceful. The veteran troops is the
first thing I always research, so I can get the max out of my troops. Adept
march is a MUST if you’re in the Yi Province area (around Cheng Du and all
those cities). The military reform is nice for later in the game, when the
troop amounts in the cities get higher. Yunnan ladder really makes a difference
in seige battles and is actually a very worthy early upgrade.

-Reinforce Axles: Increase seige weapons move.
-Stone Construction: Allows you to build stone wall and eight pillars.
-Develop Catapults: Allows you to build catapults, warships and catapult
-Thunder: Stone protectiles affect the adjecent squares that you target.

Overall: The only reason you might be researching these techniques early is to
get the catapults. The catapults, warships and catapult platforms is easily
worthy of having to go through the first two pointless upgrades. Thunder can be
bitter-sweet since it can hurt your allies as well. This is probably the second
worse tier of techniques.

-Train Engineers: Your cities/bases HP recovered per turn increases
-Reinforce Facilities: Allows you to build outposts and arbalest towers.
-Reinforce Ramparts: May build forts and increases your bases’ HP
-Reinforce Defenses: Improves your bases’ counterattack

Overall: Train engineers is nice to have but not necessary. The outposts and
arbalest towers can be a nice edition if you like building traps. The ramparts
increases your bases’ HP significantly and this is a must once you get deeper
into the game. Reinforce defenses is a nice edition, but if you’re dominating
there’s no need to really upgrade it right away. This tier is more of a “well
it’s nice to have…” thing. You’re not gonna need it right away, but it’s a
nice edition to help you.

-Develop Juggernauts: Allows you to build juggernauts and replaces rams.
-Fire Strategm: Allows you to use fire from 3 squares away.
-Gunpowder Training: Allows you to use fires and inferno ball.
-Explosives Training: May use Hell’s Embers and Hell’s Fireball.

Overall: With the exception of the juggernauts, this is easily the most
pointless of the techniques. The juggernaut is great though, it deals massive
damage to cities and sets the gates on fire. However, unless you’re a
pyromaniac, I don’t think you should go and grab these techniques right away.
Even with someone like Zhou Yu in your force, there are better techniques that
you should use your TP on.



Drilling your troops increases your troops Will, which is used for tactics and
strategy on the field. A max of three officers can be used to drill and the
related stat is War. It doesn’t cost anything to drill.


This is how you move your troops out of the city. First select “March” you will
then be taken to the preperation screen.

You can either select “Auto” and then choose what type of unit you want, and
the game will do the unit for you. But it is much more effective to do is

Step1- Select 1-3 officers to be in the unit. Usually you want a person will
good lead and a person will good intelligence. A good warrior is also a nice
addition to the unit.

Step2- Once you’re done with that, go to “Equipment” and select what you type
of unit you want it to be.

Step3- Next select a vessel, if you have no ships or warship, it will start off
with the default boat.

Step4- Choose military and you can select how many troops, gold and food you
want to send. Usually you will want to go with the 200 days worth of food. And
maybe around 500-1000 gold if you plan on conquering a city.

You can use R1/L1 to scroll through your units stats and see how powerful and
effective your unit is. Once you’re happy just select “confirm” and you can
move your unit where you wish!


Tranports are useful to get supplies from city to city (Or port). First select
transport. You then can choose up to three officers (usually, if this is a safe
route, you might want to choose a less capable officer to do the job.) In
“military” you can select how much troops, gold and food you want sent. Once
you’ve done that, go to “equipment” and you can select how much equipment you
want sent to a city. After that you can confirm it and send it on it’s way.
Once the transport arrives, you can choose if you want those officers to remain
in that city or to send them back to their original location.



You can select any officers you wish that are in your base and move them to
another location.


You can select any officers from other locations to bring them to your base.


You can search your city for free officers, gold or items. The gold amounts are
pretty small, but they can stack up if you have AP to spare. You can only
search with one officer at a time. Items are found randomly, and you can find
multiple copies of the same items. Usually items help in duels or debates.


Employ a free officer, a prisoner or an officer of another force.


Reward your officers. It takes 100 gold for each officer reward. The amount of
loyalty that increases depends on the personality of the officer.


Award an officer with one of your items. Their loyalty increases greatly
compared to rewarding them.



Gives 1000 gold to another force to help improve diplomic relations with them.
The increase in the relationship depends on the ruler’s bond level.


Attempt to form an alliance with another ruler. The alliance never expires
until someone annuls the alliance.


Annul your alliance with another force, ceasefires cannot be annuled. If you
annul your alliance, your forces TP will decrease.


Attempt to make a temporary ceasefire with other forces. Lasts from 2-24 months
and cannot be annuled. Forces relations do not change, and in a ceasefire you
can still hire officers and attempt ploys on one another.


Solicit surrender from another force. This is difficult to do, though it can be
done. Usually the conditions require your force to be very large, and the
enemies to be pretty small where a chance of victory is slim. Forces like Liu
Bei, Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Yuan Shao never surrender. Weaker rulers like Liu
Zhang, Liu Chan, and Kong Zhou surrender.


Request a prisoner exchange between a force that has one or more of your
officers captured. This usually takes a decent amount of gold or even another
officer to make the transaction successful.



Disrupt…distrupts the relationship between two forces. Can be useful if you
want neighboring forces to fight each other so you can take advantage of their


Plot to make a vicerory or prefect declare independence. I have not seen any
record of anyone actually doing this successfully, and I would like to know if
anyone has.


Spread rumors about officers in a city, in order to decrease their loyalty.



Create a district and have a viceroy control some cities for you. The districts
are numbered, the one you control is “1”. The viceroy of your district is the
one with the highest rank (lead determine the viceroy, if they do not have any

Step1- Select “Establish” and you’ll be brought to the set up screen. First
choose the cities you want your viceroy to control.

Step2- Now choose the district policy. You can set it to Auto, City Capture or
Force Capture. If you choose force or city capture, the next step is to choose
your capture target.

Step3- Choose the district you want it to focus it’s transportations on. If you
don’t wish them to focus on any, just choose “None”.

Step4- Finally, choose the settings for your district. These are self-
explanatory, but I will make a small note: If you set Attack to “Forbid” they
will rarely march out and will not build things around your cities. So if you
want them to build fortifications around the city, you’ll have to “Authorize”


Edit one of your districts.


Dissolve one of your districts. If you have 4 districts and you dissolve number
“3”, then “4” will remain “4” and if you create another district it will be



Hold a council with the officers in your city, and they will give you
suggestions on what to do. This can only be done in the ruler’s city.


Appoint your strategist. This is the very first thing you should ever do, if
you don’t have one appointed already.


Appoint ranks to increase their troops count, pay, and increase ministers Pol.
You can use “Auto-Appoint” to appoint the most capable or appoint them
individually. Giving out ranks increases loyalty, while dismissing can decrease
their loyalty.


Have two or three officers swear an oath with each other. Costs 500 TP.


Have two officers (of the opposite sex) marry each other. Costs 500 TP.


Banish your officers or release prisoners. Why banish your officers? Well if
you’re jammed in one city with a bunch of officers, you can ditch the
meaningless ones and save yourself some gold.

~Helpful Strategies/Hints~

-Developing markets is what you should always do first when developing a city.
Unless you have a substantial amount of gold (15,000+)

-Don’t develop farms if it’s several months away from July.

-Unless you have a large city, you shouldn’t worry about having seige weapons
at the beginning of the game.

-If you have extra AP to use, try using it! Like on searching or employing.

-Don’t forget about order! You don’t receive as much gold/food per turn and
bandits/tribes could appear!

-Research techniques that’ll help your army the most. If you have a lot of
spear users, then focus on spear techniques. Don’t research things that’ll have
a minimum effect.

-Make sure to have enough food! It can run out really quickly, especially when
you’re marching a lot of soldiers out.

-Right before you take a city, if you want to supply it with supplies from your
other city, send the transport right before you take the city. The transports
can take a long time, and you’ll need all the supplies as quickly as possible.

-Becareful about your officers loyalty, make sure to reward them every chance
you get. Even if your officers have low 90 loyalty, they’ll still betray you.

-Rumoring is pretty pointless when all the officer in the city, for they’ll
just be rewarded the next turn. Rumor the city when the officers are out on the
march, then they can’t be rewarded.

-Alliances are your friend.

-It’s extremely easy to get a ceasefire agreement on ‘normal’, even if they
outnumber your city 10 to 1 they’ll still agree to ceasefires with you.

-Don’t try to take the entire load of managing your force, create districts if
you find yourself not having enough AP to work on every city you need to.

-If you have a lot of officers, and you can barely afford them- don’t give out
ranks, it’ll only make it harder for you to manage the city.

-Oaths and marriages help officers not betray you, if you have extra TP to use,
make oaths and marriages!

If anyone out there wants to submit a strategy/hint feel free to help.

7.Battles/Battle Phase


Your goal as ruler, is to conquer all of China. So you have to take it city by
city. Making your way through unit after unit, until you have it all.

The key factors of a unit are the lead of officer, troop number, Will, unit
type, unit aptitude and food.

The lead of an officer will determine how effective your unit is in battle.

The troop number is self-explanatory, the more troops you have the better.

The Will determines how many tactics/strategies you’ll be able to perform. Each
tactic/strategy costs a certain amount of Will, and if you don’t have enough
Will you cannot execute that tactic/strategy.

The unit types consist of sword, spear, horse, pike, crossbow, and seige. I’ll
go over the units more down below.

The unit aptitude is how well your officer performs with that unit. There are
four types: S, A, B and C. S being the best and C being the worst. S level can
perform all three tactics a unit has to offer, A allows two, B allows one, and
C cannot perform any tactics. They also determine how powerful your unit is.
You can find some more detail about this a little later in the FAQ.

Food, obviously, feeds your troops. The more you have the longer your troops
will be able to stay on the field. Food is measured in days, rather than the
actual food amount. If you have less troops, you’ll need less food, and vice
versa. If you run out of food, your troops will desert until your unit is
completely wiped out.

To take a city/port, you must wipe out all of it’s troops or bring it’s HP to

~Perparing for Battle~

Before you just rush into battle. You must make sure you have enough equipment,
food and troops to do so. Swords are pointless, so you’ll want to do with the
main four: spears, pikes, bows, and horses. Make sure you have enough food to
feed all the troops you want to send out and that your Will is maxed, so you
can get the most out of your troops.

Once you’ve prepared your army, just select march. You then can decide on what
officers, troops and troop type you want. You can find tips just below.


Once you’ve selected everything you need, just march the unit out. You can just
select a city or location to make the troops automatically move every turn, or
you can move them manually every turn.

ZOC (Zone of Control) is very important to know when marching. If an enemy unit
is near on a square, you will not be able to go past him for he has a ZOC,
forcing you to march slowly against them, moving only 1 or 2 squares a time.
Fortifications like cities, facilities and fortifications have ZOC. To disable
an enemy units ZOC, you have to confuse them. You cannot disable fortifications
ZOC, the only way is destroy them, so you can get past. Remember you can use
ZOC to your advantage as well.


Each unit has it’s own weaknesses and strengths, along with it’s own tactics.
To bring out it’s full potential, a person with a “S” aptitude allows the unit
to use every tactic available to the unit. With the “C” doesn’t allow any.

+Swords: Basic equipment. The weakest, and comes with no tactics. This is only
something you should use in desperation.

+Spear: Balanced attack and defense. Strong vs. Cavalry, weak vs. Pike.

Thrust (B)- Thrust an enemy back one space. This attack can hit another
opponent if behind the target.

Rush (A)- Has a chance to confuse the enemy.

Assault (S)- Thrust an enemy back two spaces. This attack does not thrust a
unit back two spaces if a unit is directly behind it, if there is a unit two
spaces back, then it’ll hit that unit and stay one space back.

+Pike: Weaker attack, stronger defense. Strong vs. Spear, Weak vs. Cavalry.

Rake (B)- Rakes an enemy toward you one square.

Sideswipe (A)- Attack left and right of the enemy.

Whirlwind (S)- Attack all enemies around the unit.

+Crossbows: Weaker attack and defense, but has a range of two squares.

Incinerate (B)- Sets the enemy on fire.

Penetrate (A)- Attack all the units in the way of your attack. So if you are
next to units that are lined up in a row and attack the furthest back, they
will all get hit. Can hit allies with this attack!

Shower (S)- Attack all units surrounding the targeted unit. Can hit allies with
this tactic!

+Horses: Stronger attack, weaker defense. Strong vs. Pike, weak vs. Spear.
Tactics can kill or force duels!

Onslaught (B)- Push back an enemy one square. The horse unit also follows along
and moves forward one square.

Breach (A)- Rush through the lines and appear on the other side of the unit.

Charge (S)- Push back the enemy two squares. The horse unit also follows along
and moves forward two squares.

=Siege Weapons=

Seige weapons have only one tactic, but the aptitude still brings out the best
in the seige weapon.

+Rams/Juggernauts: Attack does great damage to the HP of a city. Rams cannot
attack units. Juggernauts sets things on fire as well as doing good damage.
Juggernauts does much more massive damage to the HP of a city.

Smash- Rams use this. Does good damage to the HP of a city. Cannot attack units
with this.

Blaze- Juggernauts use this. Sets the target on fire along with doing massive
damage. Can attack units with this as well.

+Towers/Catapults: Attack does great damage to the troops in a city. Can also
attack units. Towers sets things on fire, but catapults do greater damage.

Incinerate- Towers use this. Sets the target on fire.

Catapult- Catapults use this. Does massive damage to the target.


+Boats: The default boat you come with.

Incinerate (B)- Sets target on fire.

+Ships: This is a stronger version of the boat. You get ships by outfitting
them after building a shipyard.

Incinerate (B)- Sets target on fire.

Clash (A)- Rush your boat into the enemies.

+Warships: This is gained once you study “Develop Catapults” in techniques. You
still have to outfit them from the shipyard. This is the strongest boat.

Incinerate (B)- Sets target on fire.

Clash (A)- Rush your boat into the enemies.

Catapult (S)- Launch a catapult from your boat for massive damage.

~Unit Commands/Strategies~

Attack- Attack the enemy unit normally.

Surround- Two or more units surround a single enemy/base. Takes up the turns of
all the units surrounding.

Tactics- Perform a tactic on a unit.

Duel- Challenge another to a duel.

-Fire: Set fire to a target
-Extinguish: Put out a fire
-Misinform: Attempt to trick an enemy unit back to it’s base
-Perturb: Attempt to confuse an enemy unit
-Settle: Attempt to calm a unit from misinform/perturb
-Ambush: Ambush a unit, lowers enemy Will (can only be done in forests)
-Blunder: Attempt to make two enemy units fight each other

Retreat- Have the unit retreat back to it’s original base.

Wait- Have the unit wait at it’s position.

~Helpful Strategies/Hints~

There aren’t too many tips I can give you about battle. But I will give what I
-If you don’t want to move your unit, just click it twice, and you’ll be
brought to the attack screen.

-Make sure not to put units up in the front line that you shouldn’t, like seige
weapons and bows.

-If an enemy is attacking you, make sure to send out units that have an
advantage over their units.

-Make sure to use the officers tactics and APT to the best of your ability.

-If you have the chance of confusing a unit, take the opportunity.

-Use ZOC to your advantage.

-If you see enemy bow units, try to send your units into a forest to protect

-Try focusing on the more dangerous units, rather than the weaker ones.

-After playing a while, you’ll get the hang of the AI and the battles will
become easier.

8. Skills


Skills can help in a various ways. It can help with economics, battle or
diplomacy. Each officer has one skill. And I also want to make it clear that:


Alright, I think you might’ve gotten that. (Small note that Majesty and Sweep
Asunder do combine if they are in the same unit.)

You’ll notice some skills say “strong vs. weak unit”. A weak unit is any unit
that has lower war than the opposing unit. So if you have Spear General, and
the highest war user is 90, and you use a tactic (Let’s say, Rush) on a unit
who’s highest war is 85, then you’ll get that picture of a general, meaning you
got a critical hit. Rush will then automatically confuse the opposing enemy.

~List of Skills~

Note, this is the ENTIRE list of skills.

=Type of Skill: March=

+Flying General: Ignore land ZOC, Powerful vs. Weak unit

+Fleetness: Ignore ZOC on land

+Forced March: Improved land unit Move (Not transport/seige)

+Forced Gallop: Improves Cavalry Move

+Propulsion: Ignores ZOC on water

+Seamanship: Improves Move on water

+Traverse: No damage on plankways, less from rocks

+Transport: Improved transported units’ land Move

+Antidote: Guards against posion (Posion from the southern region)

=Type of Skills: Attack=

+Sweep Asunder: Lowers small amount of Will of enemy unit

+Majesty: Lowers large amount of Will of enemy unit

+Promotion: Recover Will on defeating enemy unit

+Chain Attack: 50% chance of regular attack occurring twice

+Raid: 50% chance of taking no damage (land attack)

+Marine Raid: 50% chance of taking no damage (water attack)

+Close Combat: Stronger attacks in forests

+Siege: Stronger attacks vs. constructions

+Entrap: 50% chance of confusion on joint attack

+Capture: Caputer officers (Without providence/elite horses)

+Masterful: TP x2 on defeating enemy unit

+Plunder: Steal item on defeating unit

+Beguile: Enemy troops defect on defeating unit

+Exterminate: Stronger attack vs. weaker units

+Range: Towers, stone projectile range +1 square

+White Riders: Strong horsebows avail, without research (even with the
technique, the horsebows are more powerful with this skill)

+Assistance: Support avail, without ties (Except disliked)

+Spear General: Stronger spear attack vs. weak unit

+Pike General: Stronger pike attack vs. weak unit

+Archer General: Stronger crossbow attack vs. weak unit

+Cavalry General: Stronger cavalry attack vs. weak unit

+Admiral: Stronger naval attack vs. weak unit

+Valiant General: All attacks stronger vs. weak unit

+God’s Command: Stronger regular attack s. weak unit

+Divine Right: Stronger spear & pike tactics

+Divine Spears: Stronger spear tactics

+Divine Pikes: Stronger pike tactics

+Divine Bows: Stronger bow tactics

+Divine Cavalry: Stronger cavalry tactics

+Divine Forge: Stronger weaponry tactics

+Divine Waters: Stronger naval tactics

+Puissance: All tactics stronger

+Stampede: Cavalry tactic vs weak unit confuses

+Bowmanship: Able to use bow tactics in forest

+Vehemence: 50% injury inflict chance if enemy moved by tactic

=Type of Skill: Defense=

+Fortitude: With few men, 50% chance of no damage

+Indestructible: 50% chance of no damage from weak enemy

+Iron Wall: Regular damage from join attack

+Resolute: Recover Will after enemy tactic

+Aegis: .5 damage from non-fire attack, 2x for fire

+Providence: No injury, capture or death in battle

+Escape Route: Officer not captured when defeated

+Escort: No damage to unit if officer dies in battle

=Type of Skill: Strategy=

+Critical Ambush: Stronger attack on ambush

+Fire Assault: 100% chance of success vs low Int unit when using fire

+Poison Tongue: 100% chance of success vs low Int unit when using misinform

+Disconcertion: 100% chance of success vs low Int unit when using perturb

+Trickery: 100% chance of success vs low Int unit when using blunder

+Agile Mind: All strategies successful vs low Int unit

+Cunning: Stronger strategies vs low Int unit

+Covert Plan: Stronger strategies vs high Int unit

+Detection: Twart strategies of low Int unit

+Insight: Thwart all enemy strategies

+Divine Fire: All fire strategies successful (take no damage from fire)

+Divine Potency: All strategies sucessful/thwarted

+Focus: Unit strategies only use 1 Will

+Augment: Strategies’ range increased by 1 square

+Chain Reaction: Strategies affect adjacent units also

+Intensify: Stronger unit strategies

+Counter Plan: On thwarting strategy, counter with the same strategy

+Siren: 2x success rate with strategy vs male unit

+Sorcery: Able to use sorcery

+Black Arts: Able to use sorcery and lightning

=Type of Skill: Support=

+Integrity: Immunity to misinform

+Indomitable: Immunity to perturb

+Clear Thought: Immunity to perturb and misinform

+Gladdened Heart: Own unit recovers Will each turn

+Stirring Heart: Will gained via band platform x2

+Fortification: Facilities & repair HP increased x2

+Colonization: Troops use no food at harbors, barriers

=Type of Skill: Domestics=

+Fame: Increased troops when recruiting

+Efficancy: More spears, pikes, bows produced

+Breeding: More horses produced

+Invention: Weaponry production time halved

+Shipbuilding: Naval equipment production time halved

+Pedagogy: Technique research cost halved

+Enlister: Search always finds people if present

+Negotiator: Easier to use debate in diplomacy

=Type of Skill: Revenue=

+Wealth: Cities monthly gold income x1.5

+Sustenance: Cities monthly food income x1.5

+Taxation: Cities receive gold each turn

+Levy: Cities receive food each month

=Type of Skill: Disasters=

+Wuwan Ties: No Wuwan citadels appear on player land

+Qiang Ties: No Qiang citadels appear on player land

+Shanyue ties: No Shanyue citadels appear on player land

+Nanman ties: No Nanman citadels appear on player land

+Suppression: No rebel citadels appear on player land

+Benevolent Rule: Officer loyalty does not diminish

+Feng Shui: No locusts or plague in the city

+Prayers: Abundant harvests more common

=Type of Skill: Ties=

+Spousal Support: Player & spouse abilites +1 on marriage

~Unlocking Skills~

To unlock some of the skills, just beat the game normally.

To unlock the greater skills like Puissance and Black Arts, you must beat the
game within 10 years.


All you need to do is take control of all the forces in the Yellow Turbans
scenario. Have them dismiss all their officers, except for one force. Then make
them march out and get captured, then just execute them. You’ll be able to
finish way before 10 years are up.

~Comination of Skills in Battle~

There are many good combinations, but it don’t utilize good combos, it’ll be
harder to win battles. Of course you can just subtitute any tactic that is
similar, like Puissance could still go over “Divine Spears” because they give
the same effect to a spear unit.

Divine Potency/Focus/Chain Reaction- Great strategy unit, just to confuse 100
(or 120) times!

Divine Potency/Focus/Augment- Same as above, only you can use the strategies
from far away. Agile Mind to replace Divine Potency is also a good mix.

Chain Attack/Raid/Exterminate- Great with regular attacks

Divine Calvalry/Stampede/Forced Gallop- Your ultimate horse unit, you could
always switch Forced Gallop for White Riders, but both are good.

Capture/Fleetness/Forced March- Great for capturing units, and to make sure
they don’t get away you have fleetness and forced march.

Majesty/Sweep Asunder/Divine Bows- This would be for a bow unit, this will
decrease the enemy units Will by 25 every arrow attack! And you’re generally
safe from harm, if you position your bow right.

Divine Waters/Marine Raid/Propulsion- Your ultimate naval unit, of course
Seamanship can go in there too.

Divine Forge/Range/Gladdened Heart- Great seige tactics, the Divine Forge and
Range give you extra power to bring down a city and the gladdened heart makes
sure you don’t run out of Will.

Submissions to this list are always welcome.

9. Duels

Duels usually happen through one of three things:

1. Someone tries to recruit an officer for you who challenges him/her to a
2. Someone offers a duel to another officer on the battlefield and they
3. A unit uses a horse tactic and forces a duel.

If you win a duel you have a chance to capture or kill the enemy officer that
you defeated. Also some of the officers’ units’ troops will abandon and the
Will will drop for that unit, while the duel victor’s Will will rise.

Each officer started with 100 energy. Whoever reduces the energy to 0 or forces
the other officer to retreat is the winner. If the duel goes to 50 blows, the
duel will be a draw.

There are four stances during duels.

Attack (Up on the D-Pad)- Attack the enemy constantly. (Critical will unless
multiple attacks at once)

Spirit(Left on the D-Pad)- Gather Spirit constantly, with little attack.
(Critical will raise Spirit by one Bar)

Defend(Right on the D-Pad)- Focus on defending your opponents attacks, which’ll
minimize damage. (Critical will make you invincible for several attacks)

Fury(Down on the D-Pad)- Try to unleash a powerful attack on the enemy. Hard to

Spirit is gained by attacking, focusing on spirit, defending or taking damage.
Obviously, focusing on spirit will give you the most spirit. Spirit is what is
used to unleash a special attack. You can fill the Spirit bar up to three
times. Each special attack uses a certain amount of Spirit. Each has it’s own
effects and benefits. To use a special attack use the square button once you
have enough spirit.

+Mortal Blow- Cause heavy damage to opponent (100 Spirit)

+Strike Vitals- Cause heavy damage and can also sometimes wound (200 Spirit)

+Musou- Cause heavy damage, can wound, and cancel effects of specials. (300

+Shout- Increase own attack power (100 Spirit)

+Iron Defense- Increase own defense (100 Spirit)

+Throwing Knife- Cause damage and cancel effects of Specials (once only)
Doesn’t cost Spirit. Must have throwing item.

+Feign Retreat- Cause damage, can also wound. (Once only) Doesn’t cost Spirit.
Must have a bow item.

+Retreat- Try and retreat (100 Spirit)

How do you change officers?

Officers come in to help you randomly, usually officers that are compatible
with you are more likely to come in. Once they’ve come in you can use the
circle button to choose which you want to switch to for the rest of the duel.

At the beginning of a duel, if your officer has about a 9+ War difference, he
has an opportunity to defeat you in one blow. This can only happen at the very


-If you have a great advantage in the War stat, just use “Attack” you should be
able to win in a matter of time.

-If you have a great advantage in the War stat, and the other side has more
than one officer, you should either use “Attack” if they both have much lower
war or use “Spirit” so you can use “Musou” to finish them off in one blow.

-If you have equal war, either use “Attack” or “Spirit”. I personally like
“Spirit” and try to use “Musou” because it deals great damage and usually
injures the opponent.

-If you have lesser war, then use “Spirit” and try to get off a special attack
like “Musou”.

-If you have lesser war with back-up and the others don’t, just use “Defend” or
“Spirit” until the other officer can come in to help you.

-If you have lesser war with no back-up and they do, then your only hope is
“Spirit” to try and get lucky with a “Musou” or another special attack. Or you
can use “Fury” in desperation. Other than that you can try and retreat.

Other Questions:

-What determines a successful retreat?

Some say that it might have to do with Lead, but I believe this is truly random
and you just have to get lucky. Remember, officers with a special horse always
successfully retreat.

-How can I kill someone in a duel?

I find this rare on “normal” deaths. Usually a special attack has the greatest
chance of killing someone.

10. Debates

Unlike duels, debates are only 1 vs. 1. Debates are based on Int and whoever
drops the other officers “Psyche Bars” to 0 is the winner.

Each officer starts on a rock platform, which slowly crumbles down as you loose
the pysche bar. You get debate cards which determine how you attack. They are
completely random, and how good and how many you get depends on your Int.

There are three types of debate cards, Logic, Time, and Fact. All of them are
numbered 1-3. Three being the most powerful and 1 the least. Each officer must
follow the “Topic” which is displayed on the top center of the screen. So if
the topic is logic, a Logic card is the best to be used. If you don’t use the
topic card then a Logic 1 could be a Fact 3, because it isn’t the topic on
hand. If the number is the same with the same card type, then it is a draw and
you continue with the next turn. If both choose a card that doesn’t follow the
topic, the winner of those will change is to that topic.

If you find yourself without a card that matched the topic, you can Renew and
get a fresh set of cards. You can only do this once, unless your platform
crumbles down, then you’ll be able to use it again.

The most powerful cards are the Guile cards, which are special strong cards.
Each has it’s own power or strategic purpose.

+Bellow- Silence your opponent and say your piece. The strongest Guile.

+Sophistry- Confuse the issue. This will change the current topic.

+Ignore- Ignore your opponent (Ignores all guiles) Increases opponents anger.

+Settle- Settle your opponent and decrease their anger.

+Frenzy- Increase your anger.

If your opponents anger fills all the way, the opponent will go into a Furious
state. The effects of becoming Furious depends on the personality of the
officer. A Timid officer will attack with all his cards one after the other. A
Bold character becomes invincible to everything but Bellow and Ignore. A Cool
character will be able to renew every turn and becomes invicible to guiles. A
Reckless character will unleash a powerful yell which will do great damage.

The Settle card while nice on it’s own, if in your inventory, will be used
automatically when your opponent becomes Furious and will cool him from his
Furious state. While the Frenzy card you will become Furious yourself when your
opponent does AND cancel his Furious state.


Unfortuntely, there aren’t much tips that can be given, considering that
“debate cards” and “guiles” you get are random and depend on your officer

-Make sure to look at what your opponent is using when he is going first, you
can use this to your advantage.

-Don’t use “calm” or “rage” by itself. You’ll get damaged for free and you’re
better off using it automatically whenever the other officer gets enraged.

-Make sure to know what happens when you/the opponent gets angry.

11. Shrines/Relics

Shrines and Relics can be found throughout the land using your units to find
them. They are hidden and are usually found randomly. It is not known how you
trigger them, but it seems just marching a unit around an area will make one
appear. They are actually pre-set and are not randomly found throughout the

Shrines/Relics offer you things like changing an officer skill, upgrading an
officers APT, and increasing officers stats. It has been observed that what
they offer depends on the what season it is, though this hasn’t been totally
confirmed yet. Once the shrine is used, there is no use for it, and you can
destroy it for some TP.

Here’s a list of locations:

Plankway north of Yong An, accessible by nearby short cut terrain

Short cut path (west) connecting Zi Tong, Han Zhong & Tian Shui. Discovered at
northern end near Tian Shui.

Between Jiang Zhou & Jian Ning, southwest of plankway exit. North of poison

Northeast of Wu Ling, right before port going to Jiang Ling, go east. (1 square
off coast)

Somewhere between Shou Chun & Chen Liu.

Somewhere near Hui Ji. If march out from Hui Ji and take docks in the middle of
no where, along CPU path first dock to second.

Skinny strip of land between Shou Chun & Jiang Duo (middle).

Forts in between Chang An, Luo yang & Wan. Near Wan fort. Exit from Wan fort,
go top corner until hit wall

Somewhere along winding path to its port (An Ding).

Eastern development spot for Pu Yang. Further down reach port of Bei Hai.

Bottom of map, Southend port. East part of land.

Bei Hai – southwest, top half of mountain path leading to Xiao Pei.

12. The Emperor

The Emperor is a small aspect of the game, but it’s still important to have
him. There are three locations you can find the Emperor in (depending on the
scenario): Xu Chang, Luo Yang, Chang An. When you capture a city with the
Emperor, you can decide to either dispose him or support him. Disposing him
will get rid of the Emperor and all supporters of the Han will become more
hostile toward you. If you support the Emperor, the officers of your force that
support the Han will get a loyalty bonus. Possessing the Emperor also let’s you
become Emperor, if he’s disposed then you’ll eventually just claim yourself to
be Emperor. Also, when having the Emperor, you get a small TP boost.

13. Events

There are several special events in the game, that require certain conditions
and can have a certain impact on your force. I will list the ones I have, these
are ones that take requirements (I won’t list ones like becoming Emperor or the
5 Tigers)

-Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying Marriage-

Have Zhuge Liang in your force, when he isn’t married to Yue Ying.

-Sun Ce and Zhou Yu Marry the Qiaos-

As Sun Ce, conquer all of Yang (Wu, Jian Ye, Hui Ji, Chai Sang, Lu Jiang) and
have Zhou Yu in your force. Then place Sun Ce and Zhou Yu in the same city to
trigger the event.

-Cao Pi and Zhen Shi Marriage-

Have Cao Pi in your force, unmarried. Capture Zhen Shi from another force and
have her imprisoned. Then have Cao Pi in the same city as Zhen Shi is in to
trigger the event.

-Zhou Yu Mourns Sun Ce’s Death-

As Sun Ce, have Sun Ce die when Zhou Yu is alive.

-Liu Bei and Mi Shi Marriage-

Have Liu Bei, Mi Zhu and Mi Shi in the same city, before Liu Bei is married.

-Lu Meng and Jiang Qin Study-

As Sun Quan, have Sun Quan, Lu Meng, and Jiang Qin in the same city. This will
result in Lu Meng and Jiang Qin having their stats increased.

-The Bronze Pheasant Tower-

Have more 14 or more cities, and have your ruler in Ye.

14. Unlockables

Here’s a complete list of unlockables for those who are too lazy to look
through the FAQ.

-You unlock a total of 32 officers by clearing all the tutorials.

-To unlock some of the skills, just clear the game.

-To unlock the godly skills, beat the game in 10 years (Strategy in Skills

-To unlock the Pheasant Towers, unlock the Bronze Pheasant Tower.

-You can unlock an officer per Challenge Scenario (See Challenge FAQ).

-To unlock “Power Struggle” “Rise of Heroes” and “Lu Bu Campaign” clear the
game, or have ROTK X data.

-By clearing “Rise of Heroes” you can select Historical Portraits and Models
for your Created Officers.

15. Recommended Scenarios/Rulers for Beginners

+Created Officer Force+
Yellow Turban Scenario

-A Created Officer force can be as powerful as you want. You can set up a base
in the south and experiment around to try and get a feel for the game. There
are less threats than the other scenarios, so you’ll have plenty of time to
grasp the game.

+Cao Cao+
Three Visits Scenario

-Cao Cao is so extremely powerful, it’ll be easy to wipe out the opposing
forces. Even though your force is extremely hated across the land.

+He Jin+
Yellow Turban Scenario

-For a little more experienced people, it’ll still be easy. Every force but the
Yellow Turbans are allied with you, and you have a great group of officers.
Even with the Yellow Turbans superior numbers, it shouldn’t be a problem to
wipe them all out.

16. Recommended Scenario/Rulers for Extreme Difficulty

+Kong Zhou+
Any Scenario

-With only two officers to start with, any scenario with Kong Zhou is extremely
difficult, especially in Rise of Heroes. You’re only hope is to employ some

+Gongsun Kang+
Clash at Guan Du

-With the monsters Yuan Shao and Cao Cao south of you, it’s no cakewalk pushing
through their monsterous forces. Some talent and an attack on Yuan’s weakned
north may lead you somewhere.

+Gongsun Gong+
The Nanman Rebellion

-Shu, Wei, and Wu are all in their foundation, defeating all of them seems
nearly impossible. Though Wei has some weakness in the north…make sure to
take advantage it, if possible.

Other Rulers that would be difficult: Liu Du, Zhao Fan, Jin Xuan, Zhang Lu, and
Zhang Xiu in almost any scenario.

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