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How to remove malware conduit search protect – Three Kingdoms virus related

| Articles of Ancient China | May 2, 2014

Steps to remove conduit search protect malware2
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Steps to remove conduit search protect malware2
Use the anti-malware software and manual steps – Spybot Search and Destroy to remove malwares.

Steps to remove conduit search protect malware3-UseSpybotSearchandDestroy
Above is how the anti malware software -Spybot Search and Destroy looks like.


During ancient China’s periods (Three Kingdoms era and other dynasties), there were many countless virus outages and had killed many people in China. In current modern era, there are also human viruses outages and also digital computer viruses outage. One of the very annoying and persistant malware (Browser hijacker) is conduit search protect malware which will install itself with other downloaded free software which you downloaded from public download sites (Embedded by malware creaters, others).

I downloaded some stuffs from the internet and suddently my web browsers got redirected to a strange looking site named search.conduit.com with a search box in the center. I felt strange and start investigating what happened. And when I recalled what i did recently was the software download which i did and installed it (Boy did i regret it). I tried to disable the conduit search in the IE browser, uninstall it from the control panel, search and delete the conduit registry keys. At first i thought it worked but it kept coming back to infect my browser. So frustrating and annoying. So after looking for solutions in the net and nothing else works. I thought of using the anti malware (Spybot Search and Destroy) and with manual steps to remove the “conduit search protect” malware. It worked and now I am surfing the Internet without having to be redirected to the conduit site again. Below are the steps, hope it helps others as well.

This is how your browser will look like if you are being infected with the conduit search protect malware. Notice that you will be redirected to search.conduit.com site.

Following are steps which will help you remove the “conduit search protect” malware from your PC’s browers (So that it will not reappear again as your default search engine in your browser).

1) Download this very good anti ad/malware software called – Spybot Search & Destroy application and install it (http://www.safer-networking.org/)

2) After you had installed Spybot Search & Destroy, run the scan and also enable your shield or the Immunization feature to protect your PC/laptop.

3) Click Start Button –> Type Services.msc in the search programs and files textbox. This will open up your Services interface. Look for “conduit search protect” services (Or other similar named services) and then right click and stop it. This will prevent the conduit malware from hijacking your browsers again when you try to delete or disable it in your browsers.

4) Next, delete all the directories/folders in C:\Program Files(x86)\SearchProtect and C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\SearchProtect

5) Next step is to type regedit in the search programs and files textbox. This will open up your Regedit interface.

6) Now Find using the word “search protect” and
“conduit”. Once you find any conduit related registry keys, delete them all (But please remember to backup your registry first). This will stop the Search Protect by Conduit Service from hijacking your browsers as well.

7) Now go to your Internet explorer –> Settings –> Internet Options –> Programs –> Manage add-ons –> click “Search Providers” –> Click on Search Conduit and remove it (If you cannot remove it, just make google or yahoo as your default search provider then delete Conduit Search).

Below shows how the clean browser should look like. You should not see the conduit search malware.
IE_Manage adson_Remove Conduit Search protect Malware Howto1

8) Done. This should remove the annoying conduit search protect malware from your IE browser. To test if its 100% being removed, close your IE browser and then open it up again, then check your IE browser’s Manage add-ons, to see if you can still see the conduit search. If you dont see it there any more, then you had successfully removed it. Cheers and all the best. Any queries please feel free to write it in the comments below for further discussions.

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