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Three Kingdoms related – WuSiong framed by evil government officers

| Articles of Ancient China | February 22, 2014

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RTK related back stabbing – Since ancient China, throughout China there are numerous times where good fellows/heros like Wu Siong got framed by groups of evil government officers.

In this case, Wu Siong met Shi En nicked named as Golden Eye Tiger Club after killing Pan JinLian and Ximen Qing to avenge his elder brother Wu TaLang. Shi En’s source of gold/money came from his restaurant called Forest of Delight (快活林). However, a bully named Jiang Zhong, nicked named the Door God gate crashed and took away Shi En’s restaurant. Shi En swear brotherhood with Wu Siong and Wu Siong promised to take back the restaurant from Jiang Zhong. Unknowingly, Jiang Zhong was in cohort with an evil government officer Zhang whom was powerful and had bribed every officer in order to framed Wu Siong after Wu Siong beat Jiang Zhong in a fight and took back the restaurant for Shi En. Wu Siong was framed of stealing in Zhang’s house after Zhang invited Wu Siong to his house.


Similar in current work and corporate environment, daily you will need to take note and be aware of other persons’ intentions. Try your best to play positive politics and try to help other colleagues. And do not play bad politics. Be humble and also be courageous to take on big projects. Sometimes, try not to talk too much in the office, not that to ignore others but as the saying goes, the lesser you said the lesser wrong things you will say accidentally. Bad things often came out from your own mouth. Another Chinese saying “Issues came out from the mouth”. Even with close colleagues (After a few years) issues and/or miscommunications big or small will definitely arise.

WuSiong-ThreeKingdomsrelated2Wu Siong, a straight forward hero of the Water Margin, did not think too much on the complications of human beings and he always used his brute strength to resolve issues. And he seldom use his wits to resolve inter human relationship issues at officer levels to resolve those backstabbing and bribery issues. Therefore, leading to many corrupt officers wanting to have Wu Siong killed. Often corrupt government officers in Ancient China will bride escort officers to have the prisoner killed along the way to his jail (To silent him). The corrupt officer Zhang and Jiang Zhong knew Wu Siong’s strength, sent numerous killers and also bribe the escorting guards to killed him along the way to his jail. In real life, if you let your enemy know too much about your strengths, they will find more ways to deal with you. Another example of how corrupt back stabbing people work.


Fatal deaths for the three evil/corrupt officers (And also officer Zhang’s wife) – All killed by Wu Siong


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