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Romance of the Three Kingdoms related – All Men are Brothers Water Margin 108 heros

| Articles of Ancient China | February 15, 2014

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin (Aka All Men are Brothers) are two of the popular Four Great Chinese Classical Literature Novels. All men are brothers or Water Margin 108 heros of the marsh is another of my favourite book which i bought read over and over again and again, games from Koei which i played for days since young in those old 286, 386 pcs. But unfortunately Koei had not develope their Water Margin PC games further. What a waste! This is another great game from Koei like RTK game series. Nowadays most are web based games from Facebook, and other websites, all are linked internet games. Koei might want to reconsider developing a game with the details of RTK games series and as well as Water Margin game. No doubt that many old and new gamers out there will be crazy about it (IF the game play is deep and with more that the usual characters from the stories).

Founder of the marsh brotherhood

Chao Gai (Great in virture, trust, brotherhood and charismatic but insist on killing corrupt officials and splitting the gold, treasures among themselves/heros and purchase troops, horses and armours instead of helping the poors and villagers in need. Later killed by Shi Wengong’s poison arrow from the Zeng family rebels and Song Jiang was replaced as the 108 hero’s leader, well respected, trust, honest, helpful, filial piety and insist on non violence)

108 Stars of Destiny

36 Heavenly Spirits: Song Jiang · Lu Junyi · Wu Yong · Gongsun Sheng · Guan Sheng · Lin Chong · Qin Ming · Huyan Zhuo · Hua Rong · Chai Jin · Li Ying · Zhu Tong · Lu Zhishen · Wu Song · Dong Ping · Zhang Qing · Yang Zhi · Xu Ning · Suo Chao · Dai Zong · Liu Tang · Li Kui · Shi Jin · Mu Hong · Lei Heng · Li Jun · Ruan Xiao’er · Zhang Heng · Ruan Xiaowu · Zhang Shun · Ruan Xiaoqi · Yang Xiong · Shi Xiu · Xie Zhen · Xie Bao · Yan Qing

72 Earthly Fiends: Zhu Wu · Huang Xin · Sun Li · Xuan Zan · Hao Siwen · Han Tao · Peng Qi · Shan Tinggui · Wei Dingguo · Xiao Rang · Pei Xuan · Ou Peng · Deng Fei · Yan Shun · Yang Lin · Ling Zhen · Jiang Jing · Lü Fang · Guo Sheng · An Daoquan · Huangfu Duan · Wang Ying · Hu Sanniang · Bao Xu · Fan Rui · Kong Ming · Kong Liang · Xiang Chong · Li Gun · Jin Dajian · Ma Lin · Tong Wei · Tong Meng · Meng Kang · Hou Jian · Chen Da · Yang Chun · Zheng Tianshou · Tao Zongwang · Song Qing · Yue He · Gong Wang · Ding Desun · Mu Chun · Cao Zheng · Song Wan · Du Qian · Xue Yong · Shi En · Li Zhong · Zhou Tong · Tang Long · Du Xing · Zou Yuan · Zou Run · Zhu Gui · Zhu Fu · Cai Fu · Cai Qing · Li Li · Li Yun · Jiao Ting · Shi Yong · Sun Xin · Gu Dasao · Zhang Qing · Sun Erniang · Wang Dingliu · Yu Baosi · Bai Sheng · Shi Qian · Duan Jingzhu

Song imperial court villains
Gao Qiu ·
Cai Jing ·
Tong Guan ·
Yang Jian

Rebel leaders
Fang La ·
Tian Hu ·
Wang Qing

Fang La forces
Fang Jie ·
Fang Tianding ·
Deng Yuanjue ·
Shi Bao ·
Si Xingfang ·
Li Tianrun ·
Wang Yin ·
Pang Wanchun ·
Lü Shinang ·
Du Wei ·
Bao Daoyi ·
Zheng Biao ·

Tian Hu forces
Qiongying, Tian brothers, others

Below is episode 1 of All men are brothers. Really super! Watch it if you have not.

Episode 1 in case the above link breaks (In Cantonese)

Episode 1 (In Chinese)

Song Jiang’s wife Yan Poxi in All men are brothers


Song by Yan Poxi in All men are brothers



Song by Coco Lee for All men are brothers

Sad Story – Water Margin – All men are brothers – Romance of the Three Kingdoms related

An extremely sad story between Song Jiang and Yan Poxi deplicted by All men are brothers, Yan Poxi a young 18 years old flowering and extremely beautiful and attractive songtress girl fell deeply in love with Song Jiang (At his older age). But Song Jiang had a previous marriage and his wife had passed away and Song Jiang plegded to remained single and will not remarry for 3 years. Further during the Han Chinese era, being a hero or upright person/gentemen at that time was to show less interest in women, Song Jiang being a well studied man was preaching such a tradition at that time. However Yan Poxi whom was deeply in loved with Song Jiang due to his righteousness towards others and his honored behaviour towards every persons he met tried means and ways to marry Song Jiang. However Song Jiang refused time and again until finally Song Jiang agreed.

However the marriage happiness did not last long. As Song Jiang seldom accompany the young Yan Poxi and he was also not interested in her nor talk to her. She became angry and bored at home alone. And Song Jiang was often ignoring his beautiful wife and Yan Poxi started to quarrel with Song Jiang. And finally Yan Poxi due to fits of anger openly had an affair with Zhang Wen Yuan. And news of their affairs spreaded to Song Jiang.

Sadly, Yan Poxi was expected Song Jiang to be angry and jealous but Song Jiang decided to not pursure the matter and let Yan Poxi and Zhang to be together instead. Yan Poxi broke down and was totally disappointed at Song Jiang. In the end a sad ending for the young and beautiful Yan Poxi whom only wish was to find true love with Song Jiang but was igored. And in the end the young Yan Poxi was killed by Song Jiang.


The above was what the producer, writer of All men are brothers trying to depict in the TV series, many articles in the web deplicted Yan Poxi as an evil wife, this TV series looked at Yan Poxi at another angle which showed that she sincerely loved her husband and after marriaged she tried to pleased her husband many times but was rejected. And being young and beautiful she wanted her husband to be warm and always to be at her side but Song Jiang simply ignored her totally and only gave her gold, clothes and a large house for her and her mother. Being young and do not understood why Song Jiang treated her in that way, she became rebellious and finally got killed by the one she loved most.  A woman deeply in loved in the wrong era …………


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