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Pan JinLian – All Men are Brothers – Three Kingdoms related

| Articles of Ancient China | February 18, 2014

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Pan Jin Lian – Another story in All men are brothers – Three Kingdoms related. Beautiful as she is, another lady being born in a wrong era/dynasty. Hoping to find her true love, but being forced to married Wu Ta Lang (Wu Siong’s elder brother). A beautiful woman longing for the love of a man she love. She fell in love with Wu Siong, however, Wu Siong cherish his brotherly love and he will protect and revenge his elder brother no matter what (Even to kill to protect his elder brother – Brotherhood blood brother – As deep as the ocean ……. nothing can come between the two brothers). Pan JinLian with an ocean of regrets and desire, longing for the man of her dreams, she turned against her own husband and a blind eye to virtue, righteousness, family but after committee adultery regretted about her wrong doing but was forced against her own will by Ximen Qing and Gan Niang  and ultimately her own happy family and lastly her own life ……….



Pan JinLian being sold since young to be a servant girl, and in the era where Chinese girls are forced to be servants since young, will seldom have the opportunity to marry the man of their dream. Pan JinLian being a beautiful, young and passionate girl was being put in the worse situation where she was forced to marry Wu TaLang who was a kind hearted midget, does not know that his wife had long to be with a man of her dream. Never had girls from ancient China had the chance to choose their own spouse/man/husband. Some girls from ancient China were being treated like commodities, being sold to the wealthy as concubines or worst. No exception for Pan JinLian, this was where the tragedy began ……..

Wu TaLang


This is one of the saddest moment between the two brothers WuTaLang and Wu Siong. Their brotherly support and kinship was very strong and they would support and even die for each other if the need arises. But …. in this scene, although the future was unknown to them, but unknowingly evil people were plotting against Wu Siong’s elder brother, and death is inevitable for the kind Wu TaLang ……..  A false smile from Wu TaLang and later slowly but surely sadness shown in his face. Knowing that things might turn out bad for him and his wife (After warning by his brother Wu Siong).




Actress 甘婷婷 as Pan JinLian in All Men are Brothers – Three Kingdoms related

PanJinLian甘婷婷 Actress Pictures – All Men are Brothers 108 heros – Three Kingdoms related








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