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RTK War, Battle Strategies Related – World War 2 Wolf Pack Tactics – WW2 from Space

| Articles of Ancient China | October 8, 2013

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Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong, Sima Yi and other Warlords, advisors of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era must plan detailed wars, battles, strategies, tactics, spy, mapping, inventories, logistics, allies, manufacturing, resources, food, weapons, soldiers recruitment, trainings, medicines, personals, and so many war related things which must be prepared in order to fight and win a war against their enemies! One wrong move, one wrong decision, will cause thousands of solders in the entire army to perish and die. Therefore, the correct team of dedicated people are always important during war, and also you need to be in the righteous position so that each and every single person in your team, your country, your battlion, your warriors, your generals, family, citizens and companies will then willing to be mobilize to support the war against the enemy.

War Strategies



D-Day Battle – Operations Overlord! – RTK War related


In this case look at the United States of America during WW2 at Space! The whole of USA’s country and citizens, businesses, each and everyone was supporting the war against the Axis powers of Germany, Japan, etc after the bombing of Pearl Harbour without being provoked. Following WW2 USA developed with improved industrializations, intelligences, weaponizations, increased of populations and more. Look at how the war was won in this fabulous documentary. One major mistake which the Japanese made was not bombing Pearl Harbour’s oil reserve. If they had destroyed America’s oil reserve tanks in Pearl Harbours, this would cripple America’s influence in the pacific. Fortunately, America was able to regrouped and moved on. America’s major strenght was the control of the air with their aircraft carriers and war phanes. This were supported by the America’s economy expansion and manufacturing to fuel the war and the support of Britain in it’s survival during WW2 with Nazi Germany. America can only win the war if Britain survive and fortunately Britain pulled through with intensed plannings, resources, cooperations with the America. America’s economy, oil are some of the most important factor to winning the war. America and allies also planned to destroy Germany’s economy by bombing its important economy zones to stop German finance for the war.

Air superiority and control of the air space


One of the most important winning factor is oil field of America


Germany’s limited oil reserves were running our fast, therefore Hitler need to attack Russia which has rich oil fields/reserve



Fantastic war, battle video documentary in planning, strategies, resource, control – RTK War Plan related

This is the same video, incase the first video link breaks

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