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Sun Quan How he managed WU in the Three Kingdoms Era

| Articles of Ancient China | February 27, 2011

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Sun Quan took over WU’s relm from Sun Ce, Sun Quan was a person who knew how to use people of talent and his talent usage perspective is even better than that of the legendary Cao Cao. Sun Quan would digg, categorized and memorized/knew all the detail information of other country and warlords’ generals and subordinates as well as his own subordinates. Sun Quan was able to make many future predictions accurately and knew what to expect would happen between the warring states and he had the knowledge to leverage on these events. Sun Quan also knew all of his subordinates’ ins and outs, habits, behaviours, likes and dislikes very well, and he would know how to threat each and everyone extremely well and especially in the way they would like it. This was what made him one of the most talented warlord and emporer in the Three kingdoms era.

Sun Quan used gratitude and his charistmatic stance to move both his allies and enemies to support his own cause and
instill loyalty and great trusts in his own subordinates towards himself.

Sun Quan definitely had and must possess such talents, as during the Three Kingdoms era, many other warlords are also fighting to get and enroll great talents over to their own sides to fight for them. Some of the warlords were CaoCao, liubei, etc

For example, Cao Cao utilized and was trying to pull and gather all the talents from all over China. Any persons of great talents, even with a bad reputation, he will use them. As long as he can see their talents or if the generals can show off that their own talents are of use and importance to himself.

Liu Bei on the other hand utilized brotherly loyalty among his subordinates and will be the first to share out his wares and be giving out all his gold to his brothers in arms, in order to get loyalty from them.

As for Sun Quan, his administration was like that of a family. Most if not all his subordinates and cabinate ministers are related to him closely. And Ministers relationships were like kin brothers. These relationship ties were being passed down from their parents/uncles/aunties to them since young. All of the lords and ministers and generals are all very closely related and their bondings are very great/deep. (Example of great non blood related kin relationships shown such as Sun Quan and Zhou Yu, Zhou Tai , Zhuge Jin, Pang Jun, etc). Sun Quan’s game plan was to move his captured enemies and subordinates to support him full heartly and build the close ties and family bonding feeling to retain them and gain loyalty from them.

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