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War Tactics – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

| Articles of Ancient China | November 27, 2010

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When you read Romance of the Three Kingdoms books, you will find there are a magnitude of war strategies and tactics which were utilized to achieve and reach their ultimate goal. This was is upmost and absolute great importance if the warlord or general in the field was going to survive and return to his or her family and state in one piece!

War tactics are separated into several categories:-
1) Attack
2) Defence
3) Direct
4) In-Direct
5) And many others

All in all, advisers/strategies and generals used multiple war tactics when planning a battle or war. But before they even started the aggression, tonnes of calculations were already being done for the following:-

1) General abilities
2) Situations of terrain
3) Castles situations
4) Population
5) Traps
6) Ministers
and many more

Advantages and disadvantages are also being listed down. At the romance of the three kingdoms era, using of spies were very common. And also important. There are also many types of spies. Which all the states and warlords uses. Without information related to your enemy, you will be doom. Winning a war or battle most of the times depends on the local villagers who knew the small path to another entrance to a castle, which in tern lead to a secret attack. Or this could be a spy who was trying to provide false information to the enemy camp. The general will need to be able to differentiate between true and false information. And daily there will be tonnes of such details being sent to them. Without enough smarts, the general will be lead by the nose to his death bed.

Abilities of the war general being compared
1) War strategies abilities
2) How the general treat his/her subordinates
3) Support from the populations
4) Support from the ministers
5) Support from direct superiors
6) How well was his/her martial arts
7) Was the general temperamental
8)Will the general take advice from others
9) What are the general likes and dislikes
10) Habits (Good and bad)
11) How many soldiers
12) How neat or orderly was their army
13) Discipline level
14) Army current position
15) Which army was correct morally
16) Wisdom in Planning
17) Nature (Which side was it on)
18) How courageous is the general in the field
19) Flexibilities
And many more …..

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