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Liu Bei’s three visits to Zhuge Liang’s hut – What was the Real Meaning of it?

| Articles of Ancient China | November 22, 2010

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Liu Bei’s three visits to Zhuge Liang’s hut

The three visits acts as an application letter for Zhuge Liang to Liu Bei. The hidden dragon is being interviewed by the charismatic dragon. Only two of them are fully knowledged on their discussed secret topics and agenda.

Not even Guan Yu and Zhang Fei knew what they had discussed about.

From historical records;
Liu Bei was trying to see, check, justify and verify what Zhuge Liang’s ultimate visions, goals and how did he think and can he help Liu Bei in restoring the Han dynasty from all the warlords, especially Dong Zhuo.

Liu Bei was also looking deep into Zhuge Liang and what this person Zhuge Liang was thinking. Was he a power seeking person? A money seeking person? Or a person who can help him in the Han dynasty restoration path?

Liu Bei’s main motive was to backup and standby the Han dynasty and this person, this adviser must have exactly the same visions and at the same time forever support and uphold the Han dynasty.

Liu Bei was determined to uphold Han but he knew that he was not knowledgeable enough, nor cunning enough to uphold Han. And although he had his big dream and vision but he lacked the person to enlighten him toward his goal and visions

Due to Dong Zhou and other warlords’ ambitions what should Liu Bei do at a time where all warlords are out for their own personal gains? Zhuge Liang advised that Liu Bei must also fight against Dong Zhuo and the other warlords intern of strategies, cunning, conquests of lands and conquer of the populations’ hearts. And fight he must in order to survive in his era, otherwise if he continue without a state, without a plan, without true goals -Short and long terms, without a path to follow; If Liu Bei continue as such, that will be the end of him.

Upon Zhuge Liang’s advises, Liu Bei was touched and fully understood immediately that he had found the correct person and adviser after they had straight talk in the hut.

Zhuge Liang was exactly what Liu Bei was looking for. A great gem found in the haystack.

Zhuge Liang further advised Liu Bei that in order to survive in the chaotic world, he will have to strategist and make long term plans to curve out his own future. Zhuge Liang also discussed with Liu Bei all other warlords positions, advantages and disadvantages and who Liu Bei was able to start his conquers and who Liu Bei must avoid totally. Zhuge Liang immediately started strategizing for Liu Bei.

Zhuge Liang advised to attack and plan conquering the central plains where the warlords are the weakest at the moment. This was Jing Zhou. Planning was now of up most critical to Liu Bei in conquering Jing Zhou
and make it his base.

Liu Zhang and Zhang Lu are the first two warlords which Zhuge Liang had planned for Liu Bei to start his conquests.

Being the weakest warlord at the time, Liu Bei had no choice but to follow Zhuge Liang’s advices and take over the territories from these two warlords by using his charisma and relationship with popular generals and the population throughout China.

With Zhuge’s foresight and great visions, Liu Bei was totally enlightened from here onwards Liu Bei started his charge towards the level of emperor ship and three kingdoms.

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